Monday, September 28, 2009

recent races

9/26/09 -- Medfield Day 5K -- 2nd place, 17:29

I was a little disappointed with the time until two people with GPS watches measured it at 3.17 miles. Which means roughly 17:06 on an accurate course. Which means things are progressing nicely.

9/27/09 -- Nahant 30K -- 8th place, 1:57:02

I was happy with the overall result but truly disgusted with my inability to stick to any sort of plan. I did this race because my schedule called for a 20 mile run and I didn't feel like doing it alone.

Went out in 6:14, which was fine, but then I did:  6:03, 6:03, 5:50, 5:47, 5:51, 6:04 -- this on a course that had several steep hills.

In other words, way too fast for my current level of fitness, on that sort of course, right after a 5K. Real discomfort set in shortly after the 12 mile mark and I struggled home at a 6:38 pace for the last 6+ mi (6:17 avg for the day).

I'm an idiot.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

finally a good weekend

Yesterday was this race but, more importantly, I got up at 6am today, had some coffee, and then ran 15 miles in 1:44 flat. It felt soo easy. The 22:16 four miler was really only 3.9 so I'm calling it a 22:50. On the other hand, the course has three decent hills so I'm guessing I could have been around 22:40 on a flat, accurate course.

That's nowhere near peak condition but I'm happy with the progress. VERY pleased with the 15 this morning -- the first few miles were 7:15 - 7:20, then I did a bunch of 7:00s, mixed in a couple 6:30s, backed off a little, and did the last mile in an even 6:00. No discomfort, no tightness in the right lower calf, all good.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

starts and stops

So I slogged my way through the Walpole Labor Day 10K yesterday, 7th place, 38:29. This was sort of my perfect storm for a slow time: Still recovering from nasty speedwork two days earlier, a hilly course that runs long (somebody said 6.4 but that is probably overstating it), and had just spent six hours in the car driving to Maine and back. The good news is that I feel fine today and have a sense that I'm ready to leave the current fitness plateau behind. Any day now...