Thursday, October 29, 2009

oh good... another marathon

Some pre-race musings...

1) For more than a year now I've been thinking that NYC is a solid PR course, but a sub-2:50 buddy of mine recently informed me: Not so much. Just compare the winning times to other races with world-class fields.

2) Gebrselassie's world-record marathon pace was just under 4:44 per mile. That's sub-71 for 400 meters, 105 times in a row. Oi.

3) Alex Rodriguez is the biggest douche in professional sports. David Ortiz is every bit as much of a fraud, he's just not a complete dick about it. And I'm now a huge Cliff Lee fan.

4) It would be really cool to run with Joan Benoit Samuelson. Even for a little bit.

5) I don't get runners who say that they like hills. Even the best hill runners in the world slow down when they run up an incline. Why would anyone prefer slow running to fast running?

6) I need to lose five pounds. Then I'll be fast. Or maybe not.

7) Current forecast: Mid 50s, cloudy, 40% chance of rain. Perfect!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

extended "tempo"

Morning workout: 20 min warm-up followed by 8.2 miles in 48:55 (5:58 per mile), all on the track. Very cool but no breeze. The goal here was to improve LTVO2 as outlined in the Pfitzinger article. LT velocity is approximately half-marathon race pace which I think is right around 6:00 per mile at this point.

The 6:00 came from using McMillan's "Equivalent Performance" tool, which calculates a 17:00 5K as equivalent to a 1:18:35 half-marathon. On an encouraging note, the marathon equivalent for the same 5K is 2:45:44, but I certainly have no intention of starting NYC at a 6:20 pace. Which is now only 18 days away.

Friday, October 9, 2009

early morning tempo

Up at 5:30, forced down some coffee, read about the dismal Sox performance (Lowell is useless in the field now), then out to the exquisite Walpole HS track. The workout: 5.6K tempo, 3:30 jog recovery, then another 5.6K tempo.

Perfect running conditions -- gotta love that, but still I had to de-shirt for the second half because I'm such a sweat generator. The tempo splits were 20:22 (5:51.2 per mile) and 20:27 (5:52.6). According to Daniels' VDOT chart my tempo pace should be 5:54 - 5:59 so, yeah, a tad too fast.

I feel like I'm still headed for a sub-2:50 at NYC, but who knows... I've felt this way on several prior occasions and failed. The 10/4 race was supposed to be my final tune-up but now I'm considering the Canton 10K on 10/25. It's a hilly course so if I can do reasonably well there it would be a great confidence builder.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

10/4 & 10/7

10/4 -- Five mile race in 28:50, 3rd overall, 1st in AG. I had no expectations for this because the previous eight days constituted my most demanding stretch of training all year. The course is flat but it got rather warm and humid right before the start. Furthermore, all of the standing around at the starting line basically ruined any warm-up benefits. As a result, I went out comfortably hard and then shut it down for the last three miles. "Shut it down" means going from a 5:33 pace to a 5:55 pace. This was entirely by design; if I tapered, if the weather had cooperated, and if the race started on time, I think a sub-28 would have been possible. But none of that stuff happened.

10/7 -- 24 min easy to the WHS track, 12 laps in lane 5 alternating easy and 200m accelerations, 20 min easy to home. Still have a little cumulative tiredness in the legs but the track work felt great.