Friday, March 4, 2011

babying the knee

Training has been sporadic since the MV 20mi. I only meant to take two scheduled rests over the last thirteen days but ended up taking an extra 3.5 days off, as follows:
2/20 - planned rest
2/21 - unplanned rest / calves still sore from race
2/22 - normal training
2/23 - unplanned rest / left knee acting up again
2/24 to 2/26 - normal training, all systems go
2/27 - "half" rest day / knee pain returned, wanted to do 14 but stopped at 7
2/28 - planned rest
3/1 to 3/3 - normal training, all systems go
3/4 - unplanned rest / knee still not 100%

Fortunately the 7.5 training sessions that I did get in have been promising. After today's unplanned rest I'm going to do a normal training day, then a 2/3 training day (14mi instead of 21), then a planned rest day on 3/7. Hopefully everything will be back to normal after that.

The knee problem has been hard to pinpoint. Sometimes it's fine during a run and hurts as soon as I stop. Sometimes I feel nothing before a run but it aches fifteen minutes in. Sometimes I wake up with no pain and it gets cranky over the course of the day, and sometimes the exact opposite happens. Another strange thing I've noticed is that the actual sore spot will migrate around. It can be directly underneath the knee cap, or on the top outside edge, or lower down towards the inside of my leg, etc -- this migration is easily noticeable when I sit down and ice it.

I'm not terribly worried but if there is no improvement by next week I'll probably make a Dr. appointment.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

48 days away

I must be out of my mind. I thought about it during my hill repeats today and I'm seriously considering starting Boston at a 6:15 pace -- 22.4 sec faster than my PR pace. Why the madness? Because of the "consistent effort" idea. Basically this means that you shouldn't try to run an even pace; you need to adjust for the moment-to-moment difficulty of the course AND the fact that your mechanics will deteriorate. In other words, an early downhill 6:15 mile could demand the same intensity as a late uphill 6:45, so it would be a mistake to run either of them at 6:30.

Fucking marathons.