Tuesday, August 30, 2011

46 weeks later, 44 seconds faster

Last October I posted a tempo workout that took me 21:41.25 for 6K, and this morning I did the same workout (on the leet new NHS track) in 20:57.15 = 44.1 seconds faster. I'm happy with this improvement in light of what has happened since. So here is a summary:

1) lower back strain at the end of Oct 2010, useless for Nov
2) slow rebuild in Dec, ramp up in Jan 2011, prepping for Boston
3) knee tendinitis ruins Feb and half of March, now I'm screwed
4) knee heals up, solid if unremarkable Boston (2:54), then rest ...
5) another volume ramp up for the NE Relay, then I run 46+ in one day
6) general fatigue and nagging ankle pain soaks up the rest of June

And then, after all that, my training for the last eight weeks has been solid and consistent. Even with our usual mid-summer heat and humidity. This must mean that outstanding race results are on the way.

It just has to mean that. Doesn't it?

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

phase one complete

I have three self-imposed tests of increasing difficulty that I use to judge fitness, and I passed the first one last night: Running five miles solo at a sub-5:45 pace. Officially it was 8.4K in 29:41.6 which is slightly over 5:42 per mile. The second test is to do the same for a full 10K (so anything under 35:39) and the third is breaking 35:00 for 10K. I don't remember where I came up with these tests and it's all terribly arbitrary but they just seem to work. I feel like I'm race-ready when I can run a sub-35 without competition. Doing it outside of a race matters; the magic race day adrenaline boost is cheating. Or it would be cheating, if it happened on a flat and accurately measured course. But I'm not sure such a thing exists in eastern MA.