Tuesday, September 6, 2011

sanctioned shmanctioned

Yesterday I did the Walpole Labor Day 10K. 37:54.


I hate hilly road 10Ks. I really do. I only did this because I figured it would be good preparation for the Codfish Bowl 8K, a race that uses the Franklin Park cross country course (i.e., it has hills). But I have no feel for the 10K. I mean, the half-marathon pace makes sense; I run those at "comfortably hard". The 5K pace makes sense; I jump right into uncomfortably hard, knowing that it will end just as I'm hitting crisis mode. The 10K is an ugly hybrid, even on the track. I always feel like I'm running too fast or too slow.

The Walpole 10K course... just... sucks ass. The weather? 80 degrees and humid. And the distance? Okay well the race website has the words "USATF sanctioned". Which doesn't mean shit. "USATF sanctioned" is quite different than "USATF certified". The latter means everything and the former is utterly fucking pointless.