Sunday, May 6, 2012

5K fitness check 5/5/12

Yesterday I did the Attleboro YMCA 5K just to give myself a VDOT guide for the next couple of months. Sadly, this appears to be one of those great old races that is plummeting in popularity. Four years ago I won the 10K and there were 85 finishers, two of us sub-35. This year the 10 only had 43 finishers.

Four years ago the 5K had 158 finishers and this year there were 104. It's too bad, really -- nice flat course, they actually start on time, and there are police cruisers blocking traffic all over the route. Unfortunately I didn't get an accurate read on my current fitness; the race was over after 400 meters. I still can't get completely dialed in unless I'm chasing someone down or playing keepaway.