Tuesday, December 11, 2012

intervals 12/11/12

The VDOT chart can be a fickle master, even though the target paces don't change. Really they don't. No matter how many times I look at them. They are constant, which is basically the opposite of fickle. I think I'm at 61 because I can currently run a 4:53 mile. I don't have, you know, evidence for this, but the idea that I can't do 4:53 is just too awful to contemplate. And I can definitely run 16:48 for 5K. I have evidence for that. Sort of.

1:17:02 half? probably
2:41:08 full? meh who gives a crap about marathons

Like I said, fickle. Daniels does say that it's okay to use your best race and adjust for imperfect conditions. Today's workout goal: 4 x 1200, as close to 4:00 as possible, without going over (equal recovery). Results:


conditions -- cool but humid

Sunday, December 9, 2012

LSD 12/9/12

12mi easy / 1:45:30

Saturday, December 8, 2012

tempo 12/8/12

8K tempo / 28:43

Not my best idea, this workout, as I'm just getting over a stubborn cold. My last speedwork was a full ten days ago. I did an easy six the next day and knew something was wrong. I ran exactly three times Dec 1 - 7 for a total of 22 miles, none of it faster than 7:30. And I had to skip a race.

So I went after this with too much enthusiasm... but the real issue is that it would have been too fast even without the cold. I firmly believe that tempo work should be done at half-marathon pace, and I'm not in 1:15:50 shape. Not yet.